Human Virology and Infectious Diseases

A large portion of the infectious diseases happen when microorganisms like microscopic bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi get contact with our bodies and make us wiped out. These disorders can spread from individual to individual. An infection condition called Hepatitis, characterized by the delicacy of the liver and portrayed by the prescence of inflammatory cells in the tissue of the organ. Hepatitis A is a serious powerful disease of the liver affected by the hepatitis A virus. HCV can spread generally by blood-to-blood contact connected with the intravenous medication. The IHV focusses in the treatment of HIV/AIDS and other interminable viral ailments, for example, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and the Human Papilloma Virus Infection

  • Zika Fever
  • Ebola Virus Disease
  • Dengue Fever

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